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English Speaking


English speaking course in Chandigarh is provided by CBitss Technologies. As English is a link language. English is broadly used all around the globe. It unites citizens from every parts of the globe as it is a vital means of communication. Just knowledge of English is not enough in today’s competitive era; one must be confident in speaking English along with reading, writing and listening skills. English plays an essential role in personal as well as in professional life of every individual. In Indian teaching system English language is taken just as subject however if this is taken as regular exercise while speaking, young age group can simply meet up the business necessity because youngsters are somehow good enough in reading, writing and listening but they lack behind in fluency which is a complication in their career path.

English speaking course in Chandigarh

To conquer this problem CBitss Technologies has launched a comprehensive English Speaking Course which is benefited by thousands of students in receiving good JOB’s because of which CBitss Technologies has become Best English Speaking Institute in Chandigarh.

There is one worldwide factor that is flattering skilled on speaking a language is not potential till the time you don’t initiate using it in your regular communication with others because as a newly born baby takes around 3 years to speak a language (Hindi, Punjabi, English or any other regional language) , thus it is advised to do a promise with yourself for starting small English words or phrases in English while communicating with your friend circle.

Our training institute teaches over 10,000 students yearly at our Spoken English classes in Chandigarh. This means we appreciate the needs of our students and the challenges they face.

We pursue to make an situations that is fun and collective, because we believe that if learners enjoy their classes, they are more inspire to advance in their studies. We also offer English speaking course in Chandigarh for learner and Advanced level students.


Reasons to choose CBitss for English Speaking Course in Chandigarh :

  • We have planned English Speaking Classes in Chandigarh as per individual’s ability, need & time accessibility. Because every personality has a different level of reading, listening and speaking skills which further helps in understand the levels of training compulsory by an individual.
  • Numerous students have complexity in basics of English like in grammar and tenses, so for such students basic courses are recommended where as candidates having some basic information are enrolled from 2nd or 3rd level of English speaking course.
  • As defined above short contribution always leads to lack of confidence, thus we have introduced even based activities in every class where every person has to participate which give internal enhance and boost up to every person and get experience for speaking English with others.
  • WMI (Weekly Mock Interviews) are conducted that moderate students hesitation of facing interviews and also help to make effective resume.
  • Appropriate development is made so that they keep the counting of that rank accordingly that give simplicity for what has achieved and what level of hard work is mandatory to attain for setting goals.
  • Our English speaking course in Chandigarh teach Students that how to experience a real feel of corporate world so that he/she comes to know about business conditions and principles.
  • Many courses are presented for the beginners and also for others who are good in grammar but lack of communication skills. Regular workshops and debate are conducted so that students take part in them which help them in building confidence.
  • Advanced writing skills are prepared and video presentations are organized in which sentences , difficult words and their meaning , opposite words are created which help students to learn in an easier way .
  • Study material are divided into different modules and parts, many assignments are given with different pattern of solving . Our English speaking course in Chandigarh are then exchanged solved assignments among students and asked them to check the assignments and find the mistakes so that they can be in confident in their English.
  • Many activities are conducted for students like they can choose a song in their own language and try to translate them in English. Students can choose a scene from their favorite movie and translate in English, next can be students can turn down the sound of the movie and speak over their English version. This intend to overcome shyness from students and also helps them in building confidence.
  • After completing half of the course in English speaking, performance certification is given in which grades and participation is specified which help students in motivating and help them in moving forward with good effort.
  • These are the main points that make our course one of the Best English Speaking Course in Chandigarh sector 34.



  • We refund full fees with no queries asked if any student find that the training is not satisfactory (T&C apply).
  • We are attached to deliver satisfying training with 100% transparency.

We Don’t

  • We don’t have classroom environment, we consider in practical training thus from day one candidates work one appliance moving from basics to advance course.
  • We don’t provide demo classes, all the technical/non technical confusion are make clear by the technical expert before accept the candidate for training.
  • Practical Training & aspect education is guaranteed and we DO NOT do fake commitments of 100% JOB.
CBitss Technologies


english speaking course in chandigarh

SCO 23-24-25, level 3, sector 34 A
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Students Review

English speaking course in Chandigarh
Pankaj Sharma


English speaking course in Chandigarh5/5 stars

I am really satisfied with English speaking course in Chandigarh provided by CBitss Technologies. All credit goes to my trainer and also CBitss.

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